Green Squash will soon have a new name. When I started this blog, just a mere 2 weeks ago, I never thought anyone would see it. If they did, I certainly didn’t think they would take any time to actually read it. The name was simply based on a minor anecdote between husband and wife.

600 unique readers later and the pressure is on. What?! I don’t even know 600 people. It’s amazing and awesome how fast information spreads via the internet. Yea, we need to step this up a notch.

Trying to brainstorm name ideas is driving me bonkers. Just when you think you have a great idea, you don’t. Either ten other people already have that name, or your husband hates it, or is charging $1200 for it. Here are what seem to be the top 4 contenders:

By the way, we’re doing this American Idol style, so you can vote as many times as you’d like.